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  • September 21

    Ventilation check week 44-45

    Planned OVK (Mandatory Ventilation Control) We would like to inform you that the board has booked a mandatory ventilation control (OVK) and a cleaning of all outgoing ventilation ducts (in the kitchen and bathroom) during […]

  • July 6

    Monthly letter from NCC & Aros Bostad

  • 31th of May 2023

    Soon the tribe change will be over!

About the association

to Mörbylund

Feel free to get involved in what happens in the association. The more of the residents who contribute to the house's best, the better the results.

In addition to sitting on the board, we have several working groups. Some are permanent and some are created for a limited period to create a basis for something that may be interesting to delve into, for example. car pool and trunk change.

Some of our working groups take care of the rental room, flowers and Christmas trees as well as well-being and welcome information etc. We need different skills and knowledge for our board and our working groups.

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